Maria Andrews Bootcamp client success

I met Paul in April 2009 and signed a contract to be the best I can. I haven’t stopped going to Brighton Bootcamp sessions since that meeting. The dedication is unwavering which makes me have to go – as I can’t let myself down. It’s the best place to get fit and healthy – as they are completely committed to helping you get stronger, leaner and fitter. I’ve tried other gyms and places but as you get individual support and technical knowledgeable in every workout – why would you want to go anywhere else. It is the fitness place where you feel like a VIP and they do care, that’s why I can’t let them down either and keep trying to get fit and lean!

Maria Andrews

Claire Davey Bootcamp client success

I have been training with Brighton Bootcamp since 2008. I had been working with a personal trainer to kick-start a much-needed exercise regime and had got to the stage where I was confident enough to try a group exercise class rather than always training on my own. I saw Paul's class outside on Hove Lawns and I thought it looked fun, so signed up for a free trial.

It was hard. Sometimes it was so hard I thought I wouldn't be able to complete the class, but it was also challenging and my fellow bootcampers were encouraging.

My initial goal was weight-loss (having hit 40 the scales just kept going up!), but once achieved, I began to enjoy the classes for their own sake (something I would never have thought possible!). I enjoyed feeling strong, being able to run fast and the growing confidence it gave me.

Eventually, I persuaded my husband to try one of the (now indoor) classes, and we began exercising together, supplementing classes with running and entering events such as 10ks, obstacle races (Tough Mudder!) and even a half-marathon. These activities have greatly enhanced our relationship.

Brighton Bootcamp is a big part of my life, I train there 3-4 times per week and have made many friends there - it sounds like a cliché but it really is like one big, happy family. Everyone is encouraging and we all motivate each other to try harder. Paul is an amazing instructor - he seems tough (well he is!) but he does it to bring out the very best in you.

Over the years I have tried many other fitness classes in Brighton (BMF, Boxercise Bootcamp, Be Fit etc) but none come close to offering the quality of training that Brighton Bootcamp does.

If you're not sure, then give it a go and see how you like it - it's not an intimidating environment and people of all ages and sizes are there waiting to support you in your fitness journey.

Clare Davey

Lisa Marie Bootcamp client success

I've been attending classes with Brighton Bootcamp for over a year now and I can definitely say I've never felt better for it. For the first time in over 10 years I am being complimented on my physique which is a major achievement for me after having two children aged 1 and 7 years.

My family history of diabetes and heart disease are less of a risk to me now. I've lost 5 stones (31.75kg) in total since March 2013 and my body fat percentage is now very healthy.

Brighton Bootcamp do fun, quick, varied workouts and Paul is brilliant at answering any questions and keeping me on track with my nutrition too, he is very knowledgeable and always happy to pass his knowledge on.

I've gained confidence, a small dress size, strength, stamina, health, a hobby and some really lovely friends.

Lisa-Marie Charley

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