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Transform the way you look and feel and get
a slim, toned and firm body to be proud of!

For the first time ever, with our specialised programme you will receive the most personalised service that focusses on you as an individual, not another number in a gym.


Welcome to Brighton Bootcamp Personal Training, the most rewarding Personal Training, Fitness and Weight Loss Solution in Brighton & Hove.

With 100% Guaranteed Results, come and find out exactly how YOU can get amazing results too!

Brighton Personal Training are the leading providers in Personal Training, our programmes are tailored exactly to your specific goals, producing life-changing results, fast!

For the first time ever, with our specialised programme you will receive the most personalised service that focuses on you as an individual, not just another number in the gym.

Under the guidance of our expert trainers in our state of the art private exercise studio we guarantee your results!

So if you’d like to…

  • Transform the way you look and feel.
  • Have a slim, toned, and firm body that you’ll be proud to show off.
  • Have more energy than you have ever had before.
  • Be able to wear the clothes you have always wanted to wear.
  • Get back into that amazing outfit you own but have not worn for years.
  • Show off your body at the beach. Or wear a sleeveless top.

At Brighton Personal Training, we promise, that our expert personal trainers will help you achieve your goals.

Find out how YOU can get great results too.

Just request a free consultation now.

Client success story: Carrie

Carrie Brightwell Bootcamp client success

Brighton Bootcamp has delivered on its value, in my opinion. I have had a go at just about everything in the life long quest for a fitter and leaner body but pretty much everything has trailed off and never given me the motivation or the longevity that is needed to get there. After just a short while, my friends would comment and I found myself clothes shopping and dragging out the ones from the back of the wardrobe. The best reward would be people telling me how great I looked and asking me what was I doing to get the results?

The combination of nutrition advice (or telling off’s), passion, dedication to my and their cause and work out precision has helped me to nearly get to where I want to be. I say ‘nearly’ because there is a gap and that’s due to my inability to say no wine...and chocolate...and filo pastry.

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until its gone and this was certainly the case here. It took for me to take some time out away from their workouts and personal focus to realise that nothing else compares. Although I was still active, my workouts were longer, I was never pushed to my full capability, I started to put weight back on, I lost my definition but most noticeably, my mood and the way I felt about myself was suffering. So after just a short time, I was back in the gang ready to soak up the enthusiasm and transfer it into ‘focus, energy and results’ (Yes, Paul’s dulcet tones remained ringing in my ears despite my absence).

Brighton Bootcamp has certainly made an impact on my life. My standard, knowledge and expectation of fitness has accelerated. My outlook on my diet (despite what Paul thinks!) has drastically changed and I know that these are permanent changes which is more than I could have asked for. The key question is, can they put up with me now that they have me sucked in......? Here’s looking forward to the next 06:00 class and providing you all with your early morning entertainment ;-)

Carrie Brightwell

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Our private studio is exclusive and so people cannot just walk in unless they have an appointment.

It’s totally understandable to be sceptical and even cautious that this program may just be another fad! But unlike many gyms, we offer a full
100% money back guarantee: If you follow our program and you don’t get results then we will refund every penny!

brighton bootcamp 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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